Recommended jeans aging/discoloration media

Hello, I love jeans!

This is Indy, the editor-in-chief.

This time,

  • How do you wear jeans to make them look cool?
  • I would like to know someone who can help me make jeans look cool over time!
  • I’m looking for a recommended jeans color fading report!

For such people, we would like to introduce the people that Editor-in-Chief Indy uses as reference when actually growing jeans.

So let’s go!

Mr. Maru

Mr. Maru is the manager of DENHAM Daikanyama Main Store (as of August 2023).

You can see amazing faded jeans on Instagram, mainly DENHAM.

I want to raise DENHAM to be cool like Mr. Maru! With this in mind, I wear DENHAM jeans every day.

Mr. Haru Yoshizawa

Mr. Haru Yoshizawa, who runs the personal blog ”THE RETURN OF GSSMBOY”.

”THE RETURN OF GSSMBOY” not only provides reports on jeans discoloration, but also articles filled with the unique humor of Mr. Haru Yoshizawa, who is well-versed in all things fashion, and is sure to give you a new perspective on growing fashion and jeans.

In particular, ”A.P.C. Petit New Standard Shoes Summary” is a must-see.

I also read ”A.P.C. Petit New Standard Shoes Summary” and learned how cool A.P.C. jeans are, so I bought them and grew them.

Mr. Nobiann

Mr. Nobiann runs the personal blog “HDR Blog: Marsh of HDR.”

At “HDR Blog: Marsh of HDR”, you can read a report on discoloration of jeans carefully selected by Mr. Nobiann.

One of the characteristics of nobiann’s way of growing jeans is the length of time it takes to wear them in!

カンディアーニデニムの色落ちとあれが最高過ぎるぜ 「DENHAMとGrivec&Brosコラボレイザー」(8-2)24カ月で6204時間 — HDRブログ「Marsh of HDR」
カンディアーニデニムの色落ち… という …

Each pair of jeans has been worn for over thousands of hours, and the color fading is amazing and can be called the perfect adult jeans.

And surprisingly, Mr. Nobiann is such a pervert that she grows up wearing two layers of jeans (that’s a compliment).

You can tell how serious they are about nurturing jeans.

What’s more, Mr. Nobiann is officially certified by DENHAM as a DENHAM official shoe-fitting expert, and the jeans actually made by Mr. Nobiann were on display at a special corner of the Hankyu Men’s Building Osaka.

【告知】阪急メンズ大阪にてデンハムの穿き込み師5人のデニムが展示されています! — HDRブログ「Marsh of HDR」
こんにちはnobiannです! 阪急メンズ大阪にて …

I actually went to Hankyu Men’s Store Osaka to see the jeans that Mr. Nobiann wore, and they were so cool that it took my breath away.

Mr. Nobiann also posts a lot of photos of wonderful jeans on Instagram, so be sure to check them out.

Mr. Kuma-chan

Mr. Kuma-chan is a person who is mainly active on YouTube. 

Mr. Kuma-chan is a certified jeans sommelier and has a wealth of knowledge about jeans.

Mr. Kuma-chan is such a pervert that he wears jeans for 23 hours a day (that’s a compliment).

The jeans that Mr. Kuma-chan has grown have a lot of contrast, and it gives the impression that there are many that can be described as “wild aging”.

Mr.Kuma-chan also entered a contest called the Indigo Invitational, where jeans lovers from all over the world compete to see how discolored jeans they have worn for a year, and won second place in the world.

By the way, all of the jeans that won top prizes at the Indigo Invitational have excellent color fading, so be sure to check them out as well.

As a side note, Mr.Kuma-chan himself is hosting a discoloration competition on YouTube, and Editor-in-Chief Indie won 2nd place in the second discoloration competition.


How to grow jeans varies from person to person.

You can wash it a lot, you can wash it not at all, or you can wash it in the sea.

Isn’t it fun to find your own way to grow jeans through trial and error?

Did you find anyone who can help you with how to grow jeans and how they change over time?

I hope this article will be of help to all of you jeans enthusiasts who are having trouble with their jeans.